Rescue Related Resources
Rescue Links, Lost & Found, Webrings, Articles

What Are Purebred Rescue Organizations?

Information on breed rescues and how to contact them.

Alaskan Malamute Rescue Information Sites

National and local US organizations, and area rescue contacts.

General Rescue Resources & Information

Texas Area Breed & Pet Rescue Listing
Links to online rescue groups and organizations

Texas Area Humane Society & Shelter Listing
Online shelters and humane societies

"Lost & Found" Resources

Hugs for Homeless Animals Info on rescue and pet care with Lost & Found (small fee), Shelter and rescue directory.

Texas Missing Pet Network (MPN)
APHIS affiliated lost & found listings, information, etc.

PetClub's Petfinders
Lost & found for the US and Canada.

Francis' Doghouse
Rescue newsgroup, various info and lots of helpful links.

Kyler Laird's Animal Rescue Resouces
An original rescue resource website and continually updated.

Rescue Related Webrings
The Rescue Webring Rescues, shelters and individual rescue sites. (Site List)

Rescued Dogs Webring Personal and rescue group pages for rehomed dogs. (Site List)

Humane Society & Animal Welfare Rescue, shelters, humane societies, and animal welfare organizations. (Site List) 

Re-Homing Information

Moving, But Can't Take Your Dog? (PDF version) If you think you must give up your Alaskan Malamute because you're moving... read this article first.

How to Find a New Home Guidelines to help you find a good home when you must give up your Alaskan Malamute.

Sample Adoption Contract (PDF version) Sample adoption contract for individuals rehoming their own dog.
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