Aldine's Diary

Thursday, June 5th, 2003

A woman found two Husky pups during her drive to work and called Husky Haven rescue. The pups were loose on the side of the road eating (something?) when she saw one hit by a car. The driver just kept going. The hurt pup was left to die and the second pup wouldn't leave him. Husky rescue told the woman to take the pups to our vet, which was close, and then called TAMR and the vet clinic. We all immediately agreed to help the pups.

The two pups are about 6 mos old, the boy was quickly named Aldine and the girl Clodine (yee haw) after the roads where they were found. I may never complain about bad dog names again... ? Husky Haven picked up the little girl Clodine and left Aldine in our care. Clodine seemed fine other than being a little shook up and confused.

The male pup was rushed into emergency surgery. Aldine had a ruptured intestine, about a foot of which was already dying and had to be removed. He had half a dozen broken ribs, along his back bone rather than the rib cage itself. Both his hips were badly fractured and separated. Naturally he was bruised and scraped everywhere.

The vet knocked out Sam (one of our Mal rescues) for a direct blood transfusion with Aldine, who by was now going into shock from blood loss. But the transfusion couldn't be done after finding the pup's main internal bleeding was from his ruptured intestine. The transfusion would also have put Sam in danger since the pup's blood was now too contaminated to be mixed with Sam's to use. Our vet would need to find and close "bleeders" as quickly as possible and Aldine would have to make do with what blood he had left. Our vet really didn't think the pup would make it through the several hours of surgery. Fortunately Aldine surprised us all and survived!

Aldine still had blood and fluids filling his lungs that he would be spewing a few days. Organs would swell from internal bruising. His stomach was full of "stuff" that looked like garbage in the x-ray and probably was. And everything in Aldine's stomach still had to pass through the repaired intestine. Aldine's protein levels were very low from his blood loss, so we feared even if he made it through the night... he wouldn't heal properly. At best he would heal slowly. If the surgery didn't "take" and the intestine ruptured again, he would die. His prognosis for survival was very poor. Only time would tell?

Friday, June 6th

Aldine was still with us the second day! He was moved from the treatment cage where he spent the night so the staff could clean him up easier. The vet staff left him in the surgery room rather than move him around again and the vet took the pad off the surgery table for Aldine to use as his bed. Aldine had other ideas and managed to move around on his own enough to just use it as a pillow, and then eventually closer to the doorway without it.

Aldine was alert enough to watch things when he could stay awake. Not much would move but his eyes, but he occasionally raised his head or leaned up on his elbows for a better look. And he still tried to thump his tail and lick your hand when petted.

Aldine is a very clean pup and actually pulled himself away after he peed, but otherwise he laid on the floor resting. He watched everything through the open door between snoozings. He left the IV tubes alone and put up with frequent body cleanings. The cleanings were painful no matter how gentle the vet staff tried to be, but Aldine only licked at a hand or occasionally cried. Even with the strong pain killers he was hurting, which was only to be expected. We tried to keep him no worse than "sore" when awake... and pretty much zonked out for the night while we were gone.

Sunday, June 8

Aldine is trying to eat some solid food although he is having trouble keeping his food and water down. It makes it difficult to give him medications when he is not on fluids, but he is getting better.

Monday, June 9

Aldine made it through the weekend pretty well. He's a sweet boy with lots of kisses and happily thumps his tail when you visit. We left him in the surgery room again and he seems to do fine in there.. actually the best boarding digs in the house?

Aldine is moving around more on his own and pulls himself around the room on his front legs. He doesn't complain, although with multiple broken ribs and his hips broken in several places it must be very painful. Usually he moves between one favorite corner to another. Sometimes he moves to the full wall height window to watch other dogs in the yard outside. He also moves near the door to wait for a visit so we now have to check where he is before opening the door.

Wednesday, June 11

Well.. more news to report on Aldine. He's up and WALKING around!

Ok.. they are little mincey steps.. but both hips broken and he walks? We had to shut the surgery door today or he would come out to visit. He is also talking.. wroooo.. and rolls on his side for belly rubs. He's off the fluids and eating some solid food.. I don't know if he's passed anything yet, but he is now keeping food down. Pretty amazing huh? ;-)

Thursday, June 12

We had to kennel Aldine today. He will not just lay around any more and gets up almost anytime he sees some one coming. He is definitely a little talker and doesn't have the high pitched bark of most Huskies... Aldine would have made a good Malamute. Sigh...

Aldine is also eating solid food now and had his first bowel movement... looks like the intestinal surgery is working! Also his blood levels are almost back to normal. It's amazing how quickly Aldine is coming along... we thought he'd be down for weeks.

Tomorrow is a surgical consultation with the specialist. Depending on what the doctor says, we'll decide on continued crate rest (hah! good luck?) or hip surgery for Aldine.

Friday, June 13

What a day! The consultation with the specialist went well and we have decided to have the hip surgery on Aldine. Actually the deciding vote was Aldine himself.. he refuses to just lay around any more and even tried to jump up on the doctor as a greeting. He wants so badly to play and be active that we feel his hip won't heal as well without the pin to stabilize him. His surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday and we can pick him up on Wednesday if all goes well.

Wednesday, June 18

Aldine went through his hip surgery with flying colors. The specialist also managed to do the surgery for less than the original quote and still add a neuter!

So Aldine is back with us and resting after his latest surgical ordeal. There is a vet wrap around his middle holding a pain patch and his entire rump is shaved. Poor Aldine now looks like a balding frankenpuppy! Hopefully now his hip will be stable enough to heal properly.

Friday, June 20

Aldine is doing a little too well and still won't rest as he should. I think I know who the trouble maker of the puppy pair is now? Aldine also thinks he's one of the big dogs and now wants to run around in the yard! We have to leash walk him to keep him moving slow. And in the meantime he adds a nice harmony to the late afternoon doggie chorus.

Saturday, June 21

Aldine's sister Clodine was adopted today! Husky Haven also told us they discovered during Clodine's spay that she had internal bruising that could only be caused by physical trauma. As she was not hit by the car herself, Aldine must have been thrown into her! Clodine's body probably cushioned Aldine enough to let him survive his race to the clinic. They are both very lucky pups to be alive!

Saturday, July 27

A month later and Aldine is still with us! Although we would love to have Aldine go into a real foster home, he will have to wait a bit longer. Just as he was to be transferred to Husky Haven, a rescue emergency came up and Husky rescue is trying to save 24 dogs (including small puppies!) seized from an Austin backyard breeder. As Aldine is safe and happy at the vet clinic, we decided it would not be fair to those needy dogs to transfer Aldine yet. In the meantime, he loves his snuggles and adding his singing voice to the resident Malamutes during the evening howl.

Aldine is healing very well and quite the model citizen... well almost? He definitely refuses to be a lazy puppy outside the kennel anymore. Aldine's favorite friend is Vail, a Malamute/Shepherd mix undergoing heartworm treatment. They make quite a pair.. Vail feels too tired to play, so Aldine showers him with ear snuffles and puppy kisses while they wander the yard together. Unfortunately when Vail feels better, they will be separated as neither is allowed to actually play yet.

Aldine's first check up went well and he is due his last check (with new x-rays) next month. He walks well and uses both his rear legs easily. He also moves pretty quicky if you don't watch him closely enough. Aldine did suffer a few days of diarrhea earlier this month, but some quick medicine got him past that and back to normal. We have new pictures of Aldine, but those will have to be added later.

Monday, March 8 2004 ALDINE UPDATE!

Aldine's note: Auntie took lots of pictures and I keep bugging her to let folks see them. She gets kinda busy though.. or that's what she says? I've had lots of adventures with Auntie and her Mallys, and with my foster dad and my big Mal buddy she hasn't told about either.. sigh. But my really big adventure was this week.. I have a home! Woohoo!

My new dads think I am so cute and sweet.. heheh.. oops.. well of course I am! I have all kinds of new goodies like a new crate, my own special collar and bowl that match my pretty eyes. And I have two new friends to play with... my best Beagle buddy and big Mally grump. We play chase around the pool.. I dunno, that's some big pond in the yard and they say I will have swimming lessons? I think that's just a bath without soap, so we'll have to see about that! I also have a cat, but she usually doesn't want to play anyway.

Life is so good! I get lots of belly rubs and even get to sleep in laps during TV time... that's some talking picture box they like to stare at sometimes. There are lots of new friends who stop by and think I'm just wonderful.. of course!! We all have play time in the park too. And when my dads are busy doing silly human things, I bring them stuff from around the house and remind them to give me attention. Its fun to find new things to bring them and it works every time.. hehehe!

Oh.. and my new name is Apollo! That's some old history guy that's spose to be a god of light, music, and beauty... I like it! Gotta run... things to do and people to play with...

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