Rita's first weeks...


We brought Rita home with us when she was about 9 weeks old.  She's sometimes known as Pita-Rita... nooo, NOT the bread... (more like "pain in the..."), but mostly as  the "Evil Ms Rita".  She is absolutely adorable with people.. little do THEY know!

To say Rita was a very vocal puppy is an understatement. During the first two weeks, I could count the times she was crated for the night without complaint on ... well, maybe TWO or THREE fingers! (..at least I that's how I remember it, I was operating under sleep deprivation at the time!) In the morning, when she woke up...  she was VERY awake and let you know it! Poor Neko was so stressed by her constant crying at bedtime and the morning scream-fest that he developed a slight case of pancreatitis. Rita never had a problem being in the crate with the door open or sleeping by herself, and quickly learned "kennel" means to go into the crate (& bounced in willingly).... Hmm, dare we say temper tantrums?

Neko on a bland (& putooey) diet  for a week and no longer ALL the attention didn't make him happy with her arrival at first. Once things quieted down, Neko and Rita got along very well. She was a little unsure of him at first because of his size, but she was rarely intimidated by him in no time. They played constantly, and became experts at pestering each other. Even when Neko played a little rough... Rita would escape to a "safe zone", only to turn around and attack him! When she wasn't playing "kill the big guy", she was shredding his beloved toys, or following him on his fence checks.

Rita was very prissy about getting dirty when I first brought her home. Light rain was ok, dirt and mud puddles weren't.... By the end of two weeks, Rita had her first bath because she and Neko played in every mucky puddle in the yard. Helped along by the fact that she can dig holes faster than he can! Obviously, she did her best to learn all his bad habits in the shortest possible time.

She's a bouncing, wrooing idiot at feeding time, but shows the utmost patience (and attention!) in the "snack line"... just as long as it's not near the "snack" counter! Originally she was a sharp toothed little piranha when a treat was handed to her... it you weren't careful, she'd get you! She still nose dives into the food bowl after it's put down, but no longer spills most of her food on the floor... only the occasional crumb that is quickly vacuumed up. It's funny to watch her while the food is put into the bowls... she stands looking at the bowls, twitching her head back and forth. There must be little food demons telling her to steal food the food!... oh no, better not... yes, take it!... I don't know...

Rita has shown some odd problem solving abilities since she is so VERY food motivated (even for a malamute!). When she wanted a drink, she just couldn't leave her chewie unattended... even if it was only next to the water bowl! So she dropped the chewie in the water, drank her fill, fished out the chewie and carried it off again. I saw her do this several times...?

Would you believe this girl was so laid back at a month old... I worried she wouldn't have much personality? Rita's turned out to be a real hoot!


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