Rita the Agiltiy Mal?

The Terrible Treadmill

I was at a friend's house with my dogs and the conversation turned to using treadmills to exersize dogs. They asked if I wanted to try Rita on an older one they had in the kennel. Ok, why not? So we dust it off, plug it in, put Rita on it and turn it on.

At the first leash tug to move forward, she races up and grabs the front safety cover with her front paws... and still running with her rear legs. We detach her from the safety cover, get her settled into a nice trot and run her for just a few minutes. Actually it went very well for her first time.

"Wanna try Neko?" Sure, piece of cake.. he LOVES mechanical things. Well, he also HATES unstable ground! First he tried a belly flop and held on for dear life. Next, he hunkered down into a crawling position to run. Then he popped his collar over his head and went shooting off the end of the treadmill! Rita was hovering around watching all this and immediately jumped onto the belt.  She also shoots down the treadmill.. to land on Neko just as he's trying to escape! And in that last split second, Neko knew what was coming and his eyes were as big as saucers!

Nothing was hurt except Neko's pride, but needless to say.. Neko was not too thrilled with the treadmill experience, Rita thought it was a blast, and we were all close to tears from laughter! Where's a video camera when you really need it?

Rita the Agility Mal

I was eating potato chips (baked low fat for the record?), the dogs were begging as usual.. and I gave in to the malamute "look". I flip a chip to Neko, who catches it expertly. Then I flip another to Rita, who in her haste, bumps the chip with her nose and it sails over the coffee table. Going around the table also means going AWAY from HER chip... a certain "oh-no"!

I need to mention here that the two sofas are in an "L" shape setup with the coffee table in the center of the L ... (more like  L* ) ... I'm sitting at the end of a sofa in the corner of the L ...

Anyway, Rita hopped over my legs (they were propped up on the coffee table) to get the chip. Hopped, HOVERED on her front legs.. then a SLOW motion 180 degree turn of her body over me, a corner end table, and the arms of both sofas... to plop her butt down on the seat cushion of the other sofa! She then fished the chip off the floor, got off the sofa, and returned to her "begging spot". I was so amazed, I couldn't believe what I'd just seen! So I fed her three more chips tossed over my legs... and she did the SAME maneuver! I'm STILL amazed!

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