Dietary  Indiscretions

So what has gotten into this dog? She's been good for several months, has always begged shamelessly but kept her nose off the counters, and kept her chewing to "appropriate" things like her Kong... until this last week & particularly THIS weekend! Poof! Good-bye good girl... hello Evil Rita!

Friday night, I feed the dogs & we go out to eat. Meanwhile Rita steals and eats a loaf of bread and my four remaining bagels, licks several eating utensils spotless and is halfway through a stolen chewie by the time we get home. And we were gone just about an hour? This was followed later that night with a green stuffed toy! I fed her breakfast the next morning.. obviously I wasn't thinking THAT early! Then I took the Neko & Rita to work with me, since workmen would be at the house that day. Our new kennel guy gives her MORE food. When I went to take the dogs out of the kennel that evening  .... ooowweee!

Most of what had gone "in" was now all over the run (GLAD she wasn't home for that!), she had stepped in the mess (Well, it WAS everywhere & hard to miss!), and smeared it all over the kennel walls & herself. SHEESH! Had to clean the kennel & bathe her before going home. She looked like a fluffy prego whale!

When we finally got home, Rita made only one small pitiful attempt at reminding me it was also HER dinner time as I fed Neko and the cats. The cats still eat meals in a rabbit cage... and within minutes I caught Rita trying to lick the cat food plate through the wire. The old cat was still sitting in the cage  just glaring at her!  Poor pitiful beached whale..  stretched out fat and motionless on the floor, slowly flicking her tongue into the cage like a snake! It took her forever to stagger to her feet when I fussed at her. Hubby and I were sniggering and averting our eyes to keep from busting at the seams... wish I had taken pictures!  Rita then beached herself in Neko's crate for several hours and messed in the house twice overnight. OH JOY!

Sunday, Rita tried to eat some screws while hubby was fixing the dishwasher. She kept stealing things off the table and counters (nail clippers, magnifying glass, can opener...?). But she was VERY quiet all day.. even at dinner time and she didn't seem to notice it was a merely a token amount of bland diet food! That night she was sick in the house... a big green foot & some stuffing... the last of Friday's toy?

She looked and acted normal the next morning, so I hoped that was the end of it. Yeah, right! She stole a lighter, then a nail file and later I caught her with the tomatoes off the kitchen counter ... so I verbally thrashed her and sent her to bed!  It was finally the end of a long weekend escapade of bingeing & "dietary indiscretions"!

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