Rita is always doing strange things when she comes in season. Lovey with people, snarky with Neko, and always chewing on SOMETHING! Well, she's having another "evil" binge.

Yesterday when I got home from work, I found the the dog food cabinet was open (but the lid was still on the food bin). Then I found toilet paper unrolled through the hallway. Irritating, but nothing serious?

Today I came home to the pantry door opened. Nothing seems disturbed, so I proceed to the doorway to let the dogs outside. That's when I find the remains of a cola six pack in the dining room..  she had very obviously gotten into the kitchen pantry after all! Just as obviously she had dragged the entire sixpack through the kitchen and into the dining room. I guess the carpet is more comfortable for mischief? She certainly went to a lot of work to get them..

All six plastic bottles were strown around with bits of cardboard carrier. Two of the bottles were puctured.. actually they were empty flattened pincushions! Oddly, the furniture, walls and carpet were fairly dry... there was only one small barely damp spot in the middle of it all. I can only guess that she was licking warm coke spew like crazy! I can just see her.. nibble, chomp.. fizzzz.. OOOOwwoo!.. slurp, slurp! I don't think Neko was part of the chew fest.. but I'll bet he helped her clean up the mess!

I'd give anything for a video of her day today, but for tomorrow it's Ms. Crate Doggie!!! .


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