The Story of Princess

Princess is a very sweet tempered and pretty German Shepard with a rather shaky history. Her story begins with a teenager that was given his father's credit card to buy himself a birthday present. The present he bought was Princess. The father was unaware of what happened until she arrived at the local US airport from Germany. By this time, the teenager had other "toys" and the family had very little time to spend with her. She was sent away for several months to be trained at a local kennel. As training did not solve the original problem of not spending any time with Princess, the father gave her to the vet clinic to find her a new home.

Princess & NekoNeko would spend one afternoon a week kenneled at the vet clinic so I could get him to his obedience class on time. While Princess was staying there, they played together in the dog-yard behind the clinic. (He now has a "thing" for pretty GSDs!) This worked out well as Princess needed the exercise and Neko was easier to handle in class.

Then Princess was adopted by a family who lived in the country. There was a big fenced backyard, children to play with, and it looked as though Princess was going to live the "good life". But it was not to be.... Two months later her new master returned her with tears in his eyes, she just didn't work out even though the family loved her. She was digging in the yard (taught by Neko, no doubt!), would clog the swimming pool pump with mud from her paws, and pee in the house (well, duh, she had been a kennel dog most of her life!) Once again she was in need of a home.

Princess Spends the Night!

I decided (foolishly, I might add) to bring Princess home for the night and to play with Neko. Yikes! He was so thrilled to see her that he would not leave her alone for a minute! I finally had to put them both outside as there is something distracting about two big dogs racing through the house. The play styles were a bit out of synch - Neko plays rough till he drops and Princess will play a little then rest a little. After awhile they settled on a game of chase and "who's got the ball". As the hours ticked by, rest periods became longer and Neko was pooped out enough that Princess had the advantage in wrestling matches.

At dinnertime (In the highest form of Malamute adoration), Neko let Princess take food from his bowl while he was eating. Around 1AM I put Princess in Neko's crate, and dragged myself to bed. Then at 3AM, I awake to a very serious "ghrr rrwff" from Princess. I stumble out of bed to find Princess relaxing in the crate and Neko lounging against a nearby wall with a typical Mal "What?!" expression on his face. Yaah, sure. Neko had decided it was playtime again but Princess wanted her "beauty" sleep!

Morning comes waaay too early. I feed the dogs and let them outside, where they play for a few more hours. Then I bundle them into the car for a trip back to the clinic and BATHS! My "spies" told me that both of of them were VERY quiet in their kennels all day. When I brought Neko home that evening, he ate dinner and fell alseep in the kitchen. It was a very quiet evening.....

So What Happened to Princess?

The next week Princess was adopted by a retired gentleman who lives by himself. They go eveywhere together and seem very happy with each other. Rumor has it that the man has even changed his will to specify who will care for Princess should anything happen to him. Princess finally has a home!

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