Possum Tales

Big thrills at the homestead tonight! Neko & Rita went racing to the corner fence barking & grwooing. So I drag my butt off the sofa to chase them away from whatever strange cat is walking the fence... only it's not a cat.. it's a possum!

The brats were hopping up and banging on the fence trying to get the possum to run, meanwhile it's hissing and growling only inches from their noses. (I never knew a possum could growl until then!) So I'm yelling at the dogs to leave the possum alone.. WOOF WOOF! Then at hubby to get his butt out there and help.. GRRWOOF WOOF!  As hubby ambles out, the neighbor's lights are flickering on & off around us with the commotion... WOOFWOOFWOOF! I've already grabbed Rita and am slooowly dragging her back to the house one foot at a time.. and WHAM! I must have hit a particularly slippery spot in my now fully mud soaked socks.. GRRWOOF WOOFWOOF WOOF!! I took a nose dive into the mud and waterlogged yard while Rita raced back for the possum! Hubby re-grabbed Rita (while I caught Neko) and Rita SCREAMS at the top of her lungs. It sounds like she's being beaten to DEATH the entire time he's dragging her back across the yard. More lights flicker on & off at all the neighbor's houses.. Yeesh!

Yes... the possum did finally escape, the dogs were banished to the great indoors and I did NOT talk to Rita for hours! I had bruises on my palm & forearm, aches in my ankle & hip, and a knot on my leg the size of a tennis ball! Yah, buddy.. the joys of living with muters? Anybody have building plans for a mudsled?

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