Neko the Obedience Mal..... NOT!

Neko is enrolled in a "motivational training" class for puppies. Yep, Mals are more than qualified for clicker training. Half your work is done before you start as they are SOOoo food motivated anyway! And they will certainly let you know when it's time to start using praise for treats...

Neko let me know while I was teaching him not to pull on the leash. After 20 minutes of the same lesson, he started to pull the leash just tight enough for me to stop. As soon as he felt me hesitate to stop, HE would stop (taking tension off the lead), turn his head and give me that "Ok, where's the click & treat?" look. Too funny and much too smart!

Oowwooo, I Think Not!

It was another puppy OB class night. All afternoon I felt like blowing it off, well now I know why.... The week before, while everyone else is teaching their dogs sits & downs, Neko is hopping up and down like a yo-yo. Hand signals, whispers, whatever... he was doing so well he was pulled out as a "demo-dog" for the hand signals!

The next week a sit is as slow as molassas. And down? Looks me straight in the eyes, then tilts his nose to the sky... "owwoowwoowo!". Down! Another "woowoowo". I move him around in a circle, get him back in front of me - down! "Woowoowo!" By this time everyone else in class is popping up & down like good little doggies. Several owwooos later he finally lays down (& immediately pops back up). A few more tries, some nasty glares from me, a very growly command and he finally plants his butt where I want it. Barely in time, as the exercise is now over. (I'm not mentioning how much time was spent pretending I don't exist!)

But wait! That's not all! Major "squirreling" & pulling on the leash during walking exercises, constant figeting & owwoowoing from the sidelines, banged a chair and nearly topples it, attempted food thievery, the list goes on ad nauseum!

Burned out by his BS and bad behavour, I decide I need a snack to re-energize. So I fish around in my pocket for some of the mini-marshmellows in his treat kibble. A few chews and I have his undivided attention. I take a chance on a quick tiny hand signal. Gads! He sits! Another tiny signal. He plops down immediately! Up, down, up, down and I haven't given him a treat yet. So I tell him what a good boy he is and give him several treats. After that he naps at my feet. Unfortunately this during the last few minutes of class!

I should mention that the exercise before the sit/down/stay was a "settling exercise" where we sit on the floor with our dogs, hold and pet them. However, this week, we were not "settling" our own dogs but passing puppies around! On the first "puppy passing", I got a yellow lab (his least favorite dog color). Neko was ok with being with another person, but was jealous that I was petting and talking nice to this puppy. All this occurred within a dozen feet of Neko and I know he saw us. I guess I'm just a puppy "hussy" for letting the yellow lab "kiss" my face!?!

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