Neko's First Christmas

Oh, it promised to be a wonderful Christmas... the tree was not up, packages not wrapped (some not even bought yet!), no food in the fridge, I was in bed with the flu, and there were three days left before the big event! Neko could not understand why I would not get out of bed to play, no matter how many times he tried to wake me (nose pokes & owwooos every two hours!). Luckily for me, the "other half" was quite adept at shopping, wrapping and tree hunting.

Neko & Santa '96There were no "walkies" for two days, so when the front door was left open a little too long on Christmas Eve... out he went! Hubby gave chase, and Neko would let him catch up then dash a few more feet out of reach. I reached the door in time to watch this jaunty act as Neko headed for the park. In his haste, hubby had not taken Neko's leash with him and had both sets of car keys. I decided to sit down and wait for their return... it was only a few blocks to the park, but an hour long wait!

When Neko made it to the park, he ran into the "park pack" (his play-buddies) and had a grand time with his friends until he was finally nabbed. Hubby got him halfway home before Neko did a "rollover" in the grass, got loose again and headed back to the park! By this time the "pack" was gone, but he managed to make friends with two girls he found. This time Hubby remembered he was wearing a belt and used it as a leash to get Neko home. They arrived just as I finally gave up waiting and opened the door to go out and look for them. What a contrast! There stands Hubby with a "if looks could kill" expression and Neko who was wearing the biggest doggie grin I've ever seen.

Neko thought the tree in the house was interesting but didn't bother it other than trying to drink the water from the bowl or poke at the cat when he slept among the packages. A small stuffed toy sent as a "stocking stuffer" was another matter, and it eventually had to be hidden.

Neko and the Milkbone TinChristmas morning Neko had a blast playing in all the paper. He joined in the unwrapping when he was given a new coconut covered in tissue paper. He also got a tin of milk bones, which he bent in no time by sticking his nose to bottom fishing for the biscuits. Another favorite was Hubby's remote controlled car. Whirl & dance, hop & owooo, if only the battery pack could have lasted twice as long. It was quite entertaining! The other exciting toy of the season was a puppy-sized stuffed wolf puppet. Since the head and mouth moved when I was holding it..... he thought it was real! He actually growled at it when I scrunched up the mouth of the puppet .... that vicious puppet was snarling at him!? Then it was back to nose pokes and tail wags. It's not a simple task to fend off a seven month old Malamute with one hand when he is determined to play with the "puppy" in the other.

Then we were off to the kitchen to start cooking. Neko & Mongo (the cat) were finally banned from the kitchen for overzealous "supervising" of the meal and tripping up the cooking "staff". From the doorway they practiced their "I'm sooo cute" mooching techniques in preparation for dinnertime. Although Mongo was content to mooch only turkey, Neko decided that the stuffing (he LOVES bread) and cranberry sauce were just as tastey. Then came the after dinner siesta, by which time the battery pack for the remote controlled car was recharged.....

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