Neko Takes A Dive

After the "yellow dog" adventure, I decided to pass on early walks in the neighborhood. The next weekend was Halloween and I didn't want to deal with an excited puppy, strange kids, and an open front door. So I chose to skip out on the treat part of Halloween and took Neko to the big community park a few minutes drive from the house. There is a small animal park there, mostly odd things like potbellied pigs, bison, emus, peacocks, etc.

Neko meet his first deer... Bambi! She was donated by the family that raised her and had grown up around dogs. Poor Neko just couldn't figure out what she was. Every muscle was tensed as he peeped at her from behind my leg. I would have given a bundle to have had a camera when he finally got up the courage to touch noses with her.

The ducks and geese at the pond were another matter entirely. If he could have run across the water, I would have gone skiing! He was totally facinated by the peacocks, was "fence chased" by a turkey, and never quite got past the "What the heck is that?" attitude with the Emus (especially after one came to the fence and flapped it's wings).

We also walked the horse trails which are heavily wooded and semi-overgrown. There were no horses, (it was close to sundown and the park closes), so I let him off the leash. When we reached the creek bridge, Neko decided to play in the "big puddle". He ran down the (rather steep) bank, slid in the mud, jumped at the last minute... and discovered the "puddle" was deeper than he is tall! Oh, the expression on his face... and me without a camera.

My first thought was snakes (but he probably scared every one in a hundred miles). The second was "Dumb s**t! How am I going to get him out?". This was quickly followed by "I'll kill him if I have to slide down there in the mud &/or go swimming to rescue him!" Well, I stayed clean & dry and he survived. Neko made it back up the bank, decided it wasn't THAT traumatic, so he jumped back in and started swimming around downstream!

As soon as I (finally) got him out, we LEFT! The whole way back he was running in circles in front of me and made himself dizzy once or twice! But at least that and some tall grass dried him off enough to put in the car without a mess. It's a good thing he never realized that the big green thing we passed on the way back actually WAS a pond. The little "waterbaby" slept the entire drive home... but I got even... he got a BATH! (One of those pre-blower, towel and use a hairdryer for hours baths)

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