A Message from Ms.Kitty:

Mmreow, my fellow felines, this is Ms.Kitty!

I live with an old fuddy cat and two hairy dogs called mals. (Mal means "bad thing" in humanspeak) My favorite mal to pester is Neko. The puppy is no fun because she doesn't know the RULES and dog slobbers all over me! Yeeoow!

When Neko was younger we used to play this game... any time mom was at the computer I would jump on the desk and get friendly. (Honest, this was just a ploy to bug the dog!) It would drive Neko crazy to see ME get the attention, so he would poke his nose at me. Silly dog.. I'd pound the "stuff" out of his nose and he'd just stand there! He did learn to turn his head to the side so I couldn't get a good swipe at his nose and squinted his eye in case I missed (course I didn't, I'm a cat!). If one paw got tired, I'd switch to the other one and he'd turn his head the other way.

Sometimes he'd want to play during a cat nap! Hrrmph!! He'd dance around with his butt in the air (how humiliating!), then nose poke me when I ignored him. Then he'd try to roll me over with his paw! Yeah, well, I'd roll up his hairy leg! He'd stand there shaking his leg trying to throw me off and not knowing what to do next! That was a LOT of fun! Sometimes I'd return the favor by attacking him while HE slept, then do a disappearing act. He would hop around in different directions trying to find out where I went.. HA! HA!

I can get Neko to play chase by running under his nose into the kitchen. He would run back & forth from one kitchen door to the other trying to get me to run. Like I'm that dumb! I'd sit in the corner until he would check the kitchen to see if I was still there.. then I'd zoom past him before he could get turned around. He got wise to that and started running past me to catch me when I came out the other door. So guess what I did? I'd follow him out the same door and sit under a table while he ran back & forth. He thought I was STILL in the kitchen! Dogs aren't nearly as smart as US cats!!!

Don't tell Neko, but I really think the big lug is ok. He even lets ME eat out of his bowl and he won't let that brat puppy do THAT! When I want inside in the morning, all I have to do is tell him and he will go wake mom for me. Mmrrow... he doesn't play as much since the puppy came... I'll have to think up something "good" to do to her....!

- Kitty !

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