The Texas Trio - Austin, Elgin and Big RedBig Red, Austin, and Elgin are Alaskan Malamutes rescued from a closed puppy mill in rural Texas. The puppy mill owner decided to close shop and leave the state, also leaving the three malamutes alone on the abandoned property. Concerned neighbors provided them with food and water. Without a local animal control authority to impound the dogs, nothing could be done legally to help the trio until consent was given by the original owner. The dogs were finally released to AMPL in the spring of 1997.

AustinWhen the malamutes arrived in rescue they were greatly malnourished and underweight, had little coat, matted fur, open sores, and were covered in filth (dirt & feces). Big Red had the greatest loss of fur, being completely bald in many places. One of Elgin's front feet was severely infected from standing in the feces of his uncleaned kennel. Because of their poor physical condition, it was obvious that these malamutes would stay in rescue for quite a long time.

(Right: Austin)
(Below: Elgin's rear & Big Red)

Big RedThe trio arrived without any "social graces" as they had little prior contact with humans. And human kindness and personal attention were completely unknown to them. Once these were "discovered", the dogs would literally bowl you over for attention! They had no concept of being brushed, bathed, or even what to do with a yard! The tiny yard first given to them was treated as the greatest of dog parks. It was the first time in their lives they had room to play, clean space to live, and to be petted & brushed. They learned to walk on lead very well and made good progress on their missing social manners. Their physical condition improved greatly every month.

Big RedBig Red (as the name implies) is a large red & white malamute, approximately four years old and believed to be the mother of Austin and Elgin. She is a very sweet and loving girl, despite experiences of her past life. Austin is a seal & white female about three years old and is a great bundle of energy. Her brother Elgin is gray & white, very loving and the quietest of the three.

Big Red and Elgin became adoptable in September of 1997. Both were finally in good health, had gained weight and regrown their coats. Two months later, Austin was also available for adoption. Still full of fun & energy, she had learned to walk nicely on lead, behave well with guests and loves being with people. While there had been a few adoption "nibbles", none of the trio had a new home yet!

Then in December, Elgin was adopted by a lady who lives within easy driving distance of Texas rescue. She had come for a visit and fell in love with him immediately. In less than a month, she adopted Austin. They return periodically for visits and are quite happy with their new home.

Big Red was adopted by a Dallas lady who came down to see another dog, but instead fell in love with Red. The feeling was mutual and Red now has a new home of her own! Red has an aniversary party every year complete with a "bunny" cake & dog cookies.

It had taken almost a year in rescue before the trio had found new homes. At last all three are happy and healthy, with loving & caring owners. Quite a wonderful change from their terrible puppy mill beginnings!

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