We just wanted others to know that Sampson is well and that he, like the rest of his clan, has found a good home where he is loved and adored.

I do remember the date I adopted Sampson and picked him up from Laguardia Airport in New York. It was February 13, 1998. One of the happiest days of my life.

I drove to the airport which is about 1 1/2 hrs from our home in upstate New York. I remember the drive and how nervous I was about how the trip would be for Sampson and what must have been going through his mind leaving his home State of Texas for the big apple. I felt as though I was going to meet a scared child taken away from his family and things that were familiar. I just couldn't wait to see him to give him a huge hug and kiss, to let him know that he would never have to go through something like this again!

I got to the baggage area, discovered that he had already arrived and was brought down to the area to be picked up. I ran up to the counter with my information etc, and asked them to get me to him immediately. It seemed like forever going through the paper work, identification and such. Finally what seemed like an eternity, but was only a few minutes, they took me to where Sampson was. He was sitting in his crate among the other items and such, and one of the workers brought the crate to me. The man asked me if he was a "Akita".  I said Akita? He is an Alaskan Malamute sir!

I let him out of the crate and gave him the biggest "Hi Sampson" he must have ever heard! I hugged him so tight, like a long lost son finally coming home. I wanted him to feel as though he always belonged to me and that he was home where he belonged. He jumped in the back seat of my car, laid down the whole length of the back seat and didn't move all the way home. I talked to him the whole way. People in the other cars must have thought I was crazy, 'cause you couldn't see him, and no one else was with me. I didn't care. I just kept repeating his name, telling him all about Roxy my female Mal, and his new home, and what a good and brave boy he was.

I got him home and made the introduction to my wife. And finally to Roxy through a gate we had rigged up so that they would be able to see and sniff each other, but not get at one another and so as not to cause any undo pressure on both of them. It went very well. I could tell from the moment I got him home that he was going to be fine. Just the way he was so calm and cool, I knew that he was a perfect fit.

Since the day I picked Sampson up to today, Sampson is always near me wherever I am. In the house, the yard, you name it. No matter what. I think we bonded from the moment I picked him up at the airport. Maybe it was the way I felt and the way I made him feel that did it that afternoon. I can't say for sure, but I think he knows that I saved him in some way from being alone without his family. They say that dogs are very sensitive to our feelings and I truly believe that with all my heart. So I always give my dogs the love and attention that they deserve. Sampson is truly a special dog in many ways.

He's always there for me no matter how good or bad my day has been. And when I ride home from work every day, no matter how good or bad my day has gone, I get that same excited feeling that I had on that February day when I was going to bring him home. Because I know that he is there waiting for me to give him a big hello Sampson just like that day we met.

He still loves cookies, and can eat a whole box full if I would let him. He's grown to be a big handsome boy! At least we think so. He is so gentle and loving it's amazing. He loves to be hugged and kissed, he can't get enough. It's funny, when I get home from work, I know that my wife is already there just by looking at the lipstick marks all over the white part of Sampson's muzzle. He really is spoiled. My wife says she knows when I'm almost home from work, because Sampson will lay down at the top of the stair case maybe 15 minutes or so before I get there. When he hears my car coming, he turns his head from side to side in that curious way as if to say he's here. Well, as you can probably tell, I can go on and on about Sampson.

I just want to say thanks again to all of you who are involved in the rescue program. If it were not for your efforts in saving these wonderful animals, I would not have a had this chance to share such a special relationship that we have with Sampson.



P.S. Sampson has been lying down beside me all the time I wrote this letter.

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