Home Adoption Contract (Sample)

This is sample text suitable for a general pet adoption contract and designed to help you with adopting your dog. Please feel free to copy and edit this sample text to fit your specific needs. A printable version of this sample contract and other material are available on our Publications Page.

It is highly suggested that you spay/neuter your dog prior to any adoption. Unfortunately, there are people who may use your dog as a backyard breeder or in puppymills, laboratory, or even in illegal dogfighting. It also suggested that you ask for personal or veterinary references. This helps ensure, although not guarantee, the integrity of potential owners.

Pet Adoption Contract

Adopter's Name: ___________________________________ Phone: ___________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

Former Owner's Name: ______________________________ Phone: ___________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

Dog's Name: ____________________ Breed: _______________________ Age/DOB:______________

Sex:__________ Spayed/Neutered___________ Color/Marking:______________________________

Microchip/Tattoo Number: ________________________ AKC Number: ________________________

Date of last vaccinations and health checks:

    Exam: ________ Heartworm: ________ Fecal check: ________ Results: _________________

    Rabies: ________ DHLP: ________ Parvo: ________ Corona: ________ Bordatella: ________

Name of heartworm preventive _____________________________ Next dose is due ____________

Known medical: _______________________________________________________________________

Veterinarian: _______________________________________ Phone Number: ___________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

To the best of my (former owner) knowledge, this dog has no defects that would make it unsuitable as a family pet and all information contained in this contract is true and correct. I certify that this dog has never bitten or injured anyone.

I (adopter) understand and agree to the following terms of this contract and understand that non-compliance with the terms of this agreement gives the former owner, or their adopting agent, the right to reclaim this dog without refund of the adoption fee or other form of compensation.

Terms and Conditions of this Adoption Agreement:

An adoption fee of $_____ will be collected from adopter at the time of adoption.

I agree that this dog shall be kept and cared for as a family pet in a humane manner and given appropriate shelter and medical care for the duration of its life. If I am no longer able to care for this dog, I will inform the former owner.

I agree to abide by all state and local animal control and leash laws. I understand it is my responsibility to become familiar with these laws.

I understand that the former owner/agent makes no guarantees or warranties regarding the health or temperament of this dog. I agree to adopt this dog and to be solely responsible for this animal and any damages that may result from its actions. The former owner/agent shall not be held liable for the behavior of this dog or any damages it may cause.

I understand that this a binding contract enforceable by civil law.

Date of adoption agreement: _______________________

Adopter's Signature: __________________________________________________________

Former Owner's Signature: _____________________________________________________

This is only a sample copy of a general adoption contract. You may copy and edit this text as fits your specific needs. It is highly suggested that you spay/neuter your dog before adoption as any deceptive potential owner may use your dog as a backyard breeder orfor puppymills, or used in dog fighting. Also ask for personal or veterinary references to help ensure the integrity of potential new owners. A printable version of this contract and other publications are available on our Publications Page.

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