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July 21, 2004

Millicent (Millie for short) is a very sweet playful baby girl. The vet has said she is under 1 year old, but we are not sure of exact age. Maybe 6-8 months. She is very playful, still at a chewing stage, very inquisitive, a good eater, and seems to be housebroken, but we have not yet fully tested that. She is a chewer and we don't want to leave her alone out of the crate. While we are here, she roams the house and has had no accidents. She will go into the crate reluctantly for a treat and with a small push. She will howl for a short period when you first leave her. She does quiet down after a couple minutes. She gets along with our cats - no aggression shown, just curious. She is excellent with both my 17 year old and my 8 year old. Likes to play on the trampoline with my 8 year old daughter. She gets along great with our male and female Mals. Our female does good with her outside but would prefer Millie not be inside. Millie stays away from our female while they are indoors. She is a couch potato and a snuggler. She is very eager to please. She can climb our 4' fence when she wants to. The kids were out front yesterday and she decided she wanted to be with them, so she went. No unsupervised outside time for now until we get our dog stakes and cables back in place. She is small in size, but full of energy. At her vet visit on 7/16/04 she weighed in at 45.7 pounds. She has been brought up to date on her shots. She does have hookworms and is being treated for them and has been treated for Kennel Cough. She will be available for adoption in mid to late August. This is all I know of her for now.
A loving girl looking for a good home!