Who Benefits From Your Donations? Ask Milo!

Milo came to Texas Alaskan Malamute Rescue in horrible condition. He had hardly enough hair to call his own, what hair he had was coarse and broken. His skin was greasy, thickened, crusty, inflamed and scratched raw. Rather than the originally suspected mange, Milo was diagnosed with a severe skin yeast infection called Malazessia Dermatitis. He was malnourished and heartworm positive. Milo also has a thyroid imbalance (hypothyroid), which initially hid his malnutrition and low weight.

Milo was prescribed thyroid medicine and antibiotics, given nutrition suplements, and special medicated baths three times a week. He was wormed, vaccinated, neutered and treated for his heartworms.

Rescue costs quickly soared into several hundreds of dollars, despite a generous veterinary discount!

Look at Milo in 3 Months!

Milo is just one of the many dogs needing medical treatment when first entering rescue. Some need only vaccinations and good diet. Most need spay or neuter. Over half are heartworm positive. Still others suffer from injury, infection, or illness. Often new dogs must be boarded until a foster space becomes available. All this care takes time and money!

Adoption fees simply do not cover the high cost of rescue. Most money comes from our volunteer's own pockets. Your donations help fund medical costs, rehabilitation, housing, training, grooming, basic supplies, and more for our rescued Malamutes.

And most importantly, your donations help save and rehome many more dogs deserving rescue assistance! Just ask Milo.

 Please visit our Angel Paws for special need and sponsor donation information or visit the Dog Stories to read more about some of our rescued dogs.

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