Talbot's Tales: (rescue + 5 weeks)

Talbot came to us at Christmas 08. A very young boy who was so starved for attention that he was a complete unruly spazz but no apparent signs of physical abuse. Very hyperactive. Approximate age is 2 years and has beautiful markings. Mostly red and white but with just a little black accented here and there, especially around his eyes.

Talbot has been with us a little over a month now and is doing very well. He is a healthy, happy, beautiful boy. Still some wild puppy in him but he is coming along. Tal can (and will) play with anything and has torn a couple of things up. He is learning what is and is not a toy but he is definitely one that I would not leave unattended and free roaming in the house while gone.

While gone, we leave him out in the yard. He hasn't shown any signs of trying to escape or digging up the yard. He will play with anything he can get a hold of. We have found a rake (along with many other things) out in the middle of the back yard. Most are perfectly fine and undamaged but as mentioned before he has torn up a few things.

He is very loving and friendly with everyone he meets. He is still learning not to jump up on them to greet. Always in fun and playful ways but would be better for a home with older children because of it. He is super friendly with every dog he meets, too friendly really. He wants to run up to, jump on, and play and just generally carry on with reckless abandon. He attends a doggie play camp a couple of days a week. It helps him burn off some of his energy.

He has had one cat testing experience at a fellow TAMR volunteer's house. It didn't go so great. It didn't go badly either. He was so excited at getting to go somewhere, new place, new people that he wanted to jump on and play with everything and everyone. Which is normal for him, but he did want to get at those cats. No growling or barking but way to hyperactive to allow any real interaction. So as he progresses we will try again.

He appears to have had no teaching or discipline before rescue. His basic commands are beginning to sink in. He sits pretty well and lays down, he just won't stay still for long. He seems to have learned his name pretty well. He is still pretty rough on a leash but he is showing signs of some improvement. He is easily distracted.

He sleeps inside at night and does very well. He either sleeps on his doggy bed out in our utility room or he might sprawl out on the couch. He still has had only one "accident" back during his first week with us. Overall, he is doing well inside but we would not yet classify him as house-trained yet.

Ideally, Talbot needs a very active and attentive home. A fellow young brother or sister that they could just run and play and burn off energy together would be seem to be perfect.

Steve & Kassia Fontenot
TAMR - San Antonio