Kelda -- Goddess of the Sunrise and of Rainbows. Mistress of the Wind.

From an obscure sect of Norse Mythos: Kelda is the daughter of the Gods of the Sky and of Light. Her beauty, both inside and out, was unequaled in all the nine worlds that composed the Norse Mythos Universe. Kelda was made up of such golden light that it is said her birth heralded the first sunrise and her smile birthed the first rainbow.

A New Dawn Breaks, (Chronicles of Kelda)

This story begins on the side of a busy road, a hit and hurt girl lying where she was struck, with tire skid marks highlighting the way. Scared and scarred, she found herself in an animal control cage. For over a week, there she stayed, receiving no vet care; no assessment of her injuries. Rescued by T.A.M.R. on March 3, 2009 and officially was named Kelda.

With her world spinning round and round, off she was to the vet. A staff of five standing by, Kelda's new day was dawning. As her exam progressed, it just became more and more apparent as the length of time she went without care and the hard life she had to face. After a solid two week stay at the vet (where she won the hearts of everyone there!), getting a little stronger day by day, this girl was finally ready to come home.

Kelda's homecoming was truly an amazing event. Sometimes things are just meant to be. After a full week of no sun and rain filled skies, her day was marked by the first sunrise in a week complete with rainbows overhead. Nothing could have been more perfect. It was a truly special, fate-filled moment.

Kelda is as sweet as her namesake; she can smother you with sweet gentle kisses and is really beginning to enjoy good ol' lovin' and human company again. We believe her to have been on the streets a long, long time. She seems to operate solely on loner style instincts and will mark her territory whenever she smells our other mals around. Injured and unsure; she has been defensive with the other dogs during her short while here at home.

Her health is quickly improving, and she is showing an ability to surprise you. She wanted to come outside to be with all of us, so she pushed a screen off an open window and crawled up and through the window. All of a sudden we look up and Kelda is coming up for kisses. Popping off an old loose screen no big deal, but when we first met her there was no way she could have crawled up and over the 2.5 foot high windowsill to get out. She still has a hunch in her hindquarters and probably always will but she is moving around better and better and has even broken out in a light bouncy 20-30 ft. run across the yard.

Kelda has a long hard road of rehab, both physical and psychological, to look forward to. She will soon be available for Special Foster or Adoption. Kelda's new day has dawned, but her journey has just begun. With kisses in store for all, Kelda will no doubt find her pot of gold at the end of her rainbow - a new home. This is Kelda's story of rescue.

Updated: 24 March 2009