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Mr. Foo (Lobo) was relinquished by his owner under threat of removal by local authorities. He was not considered adoptable in his current condition and his most likely outcome was euthanasia, administered by gunshot in this rural Texas area.

Initial reports were discouraging, this boy was in bad shape. His diet had consisted of mostly red beans, causing diarrhea and gas. His coat was a combination of solid mats, a hacked and close cut attempt at mat removal, plus chewed off and missing hair. Foo had sarcoptic mange mites and roundworms. His temperature was 104.6 and he had a terrible secondary infection. His feet, legs, and belly were severely inflamed. His paws were swollen, raw, and painful to walk on. In fact, Foo hurt everywhere and whimpered when touched. There was no sparkle left in his eyes. Mr. Foo was a defeated dog.

Foo was locally fostered for almost two weeks. During that time, he received Ivomectin for his mange mites, dewormed, and deflea-ed. He had steriod and antibiotic injections, along with a follow-up prescription of more antibiotics. He was then transferred to Houston for further treatment and foster care. He was named Mr. Foo while in Houston. "Foo Fighters" and alien looking dogs? Mr Foo has a sense of humor and he likes it!

Our Houston vet gave Foo a full recheck and believes his age is 6-7 years. His weight is approx 70 pounds and could still use more. His teeth are discolored and heavy with tartar, no doubt the result of his prior miserable diet.

Foo received his second Ivermectin treatment for sarcoptic mites. Chemical dipping is not necessary due to this treatment. No additional mites were found during a skin scrape, so we are hopeful this will be his last mite treatment. Foo has numerous staph lesions on a large portion of his body, particularly along the sides, rear, and belly. There is also thickened and still reddened skin from mite and physical damage, most notable in hairless or broken coated areas. Over half his body is short and damaged coat, or hair which is simply missing. Foo is currently on antibiotics for the staph infection and his general poor skin condition.

Mr. Foo tested a light antigen positive, but with no microfilaria found. As Foo was not HW tested prior to his initial Ivermec treatment for mange mites, any microfilaria present may have been killed at that time. However, he does have some heavier and labored sounds in his lungs, and an occational very light cough. So there may be possible lung damage from a long term heartworm condition. Xrays are not needed as it will not affect his treatment method, unless other indications of health problems are found.

Foo will need additional treatments for the existing adult heartworms. He will also be neutered and given a dental cleaning when his health improves and after heartworm treatment is complete.

Despite all that has happened, Mr. Foo has a wonderful temperament. He is great with children and loves people. He is now eating a proper diet and, although still thin, Foo is in good spirits. All of which allows his sense of fun and playfulness to finally shine through.

Mr. Foo still has a long road to travel toward his recovery. If you would like to help Foo, or make a general donation toward rescue efforts... please visit our donations and support page or click on the bone donation button below to give to the Foo Fund.

for Mr. Foo!