The FAQs for Alaskan Malamutes in Texas

Do Malamutes have blue eyes?

No. Malamute eye color is always a solid shade of brown, with both eyes the same color. The natural color may range from a yellow to deepest brown (almost black), with the darker brown eye color preferred.

Are Alaskan Malamutes part wolf?

No. The Alaskan Malamute is an ancient and natural dog breed. Their domesticated roots trace back many centuries with the Mahlemut people in Alaska.

How big is an Alaskan Malamute?

Large. The preferred size for a Malamute is 25 inches at the shoulder and 85 pounds for males, 23 inches and 75 pounds for females. It is not unusual for some dogs to be 2 inches smaller and 10 pounds lighter, but most are larger and some may weigh as much as 100 pounds or more. Malamutes look bigger than their real size because of their thick double coat.

How well do Malamutes handle the Texas heat? *

Average to good. The Malamute coat insulates from heat as well as cold and they do well when properly acclimated. However, Malamutes do need some special care in very hot and/or humid weather. Malamutes are not recommended as "outdoor only" dogs in particularly warmer Texas areas.

* Please remember that all dogs need good access to fresh water and shaded protection from the sun when outside.

Use common sense in warm climates; know your dog's heat limits and avoid exercise at hotter times of the day (exercise in early or evening hours). Good grooming, outdoor "kiddie pools", ice cubes in water bowls, and plenty of cooled indoor time are a few good ways to help beat theTexas heat.

How much exercise do Malamutes need?

Moderate to High levels. Malamutes are active dogs and need daily exercise. Yard time and 1-2 walks a day are good exercise for most, but others will need additional or higher levels of exercise such as jogging or biking. Puppies do well with play and yard time for the first several months.

Do they shed a lot of hair?

Yes! They shed twice a year in heavy amounts commonly called a "coat blow". Malamutes living in warm climates will shed some hair year round and need regular brushing. They are not recommended for extremely "house prissy" owners.

Are Alaskan Malamutes good house dogs?

Yes. Malamutes are clean dogs with very little odor. They can be calm house dogs and many adults are "couch potatoes" when inside. However, bored or under exersized dogs may be destructive and many are clever food thieves!

Do Malamutes make good guard or watch dogs?

No. Malamutes are usually friendly with everyone they meet. They are not good guard or watch dogs and should never be used as either. They may "alert" on other animals, but their only "crime deterrant" quality is their visual size.

Are Malamutes good with children? *

Usually very good. Alaskan Malamutes are generally highly people friendly and enjoy the company of children. Most Malamutes will never intentionally hurt a child, but younger children need to be supervised due to the Malamute's size and energy. Dogs with higher prey drives or dominant personalities may not be suited for very small or active children.

* Never leave your children unsupervised with any size dog. Care should always be taken with any small child and any dog. All children should learn proper dog manners and dog safety.

Are Malamutes good with other animals?

Sometimes. Malamutes are a dominant breed with a high pack instinct and prey drive. They must be raised or socialized with other animals to keep problems at a minimum, but this is never a guarantee. Most problems are between dogs of the same sex or similar dominance levels, and with small animals such as cats.

Can I trust my Malamute off leash?

No. Most Malamutes do as they please when off a leash. Even the best trained Malamutes will not listen to commands consistently. They are independant and inquisitive minded with a high prey drive. Allowing a Malamute off-leash is hazardous to it's own health and life, and to other animals. Save your trust for things that don't matter.

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About Mals
No blue eyes
Not part wolf
Large in size
Need exersize
People friendly
Dog dominant
High prey drive
Heavy coat shed
Very intelligent
Not for everyone

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