Illustrated Coat Color - Gray & White

Adapted from the "Descriptive Color and Marking Code" of the AMCA.

These examples are for general comparison only. Actual colors, hues, shadings, and patterns will vary by individual dog. Click on the color name for a photographic example of that color.

Gray guard hairs with a light gray, cream, or white undercoat. No red factor is evident. Dog definitely appears gray, even though there may be some black hairs on the topline.


Shadings of gold, cream, buff, brown or reddish hues often found on legs, ears, tail and face between white areas of the underbody and the dark color above.

Related Unofficial Variants or Names

Agouti, less distinct multi-banded hairs or "wild" color.
Wolf Gray, any shade of Gray with black tips on the main coat color.

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