The Mudpuppy Stories

Poor Neko got a bath due to puddle-hopping again. Actually it should be poor me... he managed to shake enough times to get the bathroom and me just as wet! The fun part came when the hubby decided to help out by blow-drying Neko with the reverse end of the vacuum cleaner. Well, the bag was clean, but I can't say the same for the hose... every once and awhile something (leaves & twigs?) would sling out of the vacuum hose at us. Guess I'll just have to break down and buy a grooming table to bathe Neko outside on and a "doggie-dryer" so we can't be pelted again!

Neko the Malamudder (7mos)Neko needed yet another bath within the week! I foolishly left him in the yard while I answered the phone. When I hung up I realized I had not seen him for several minutes... YIKES! Our neighbor's washer leaked from his garage and water collected on our side of the fence. Neko did some quick "puddle engineering" and there wasn't a spot of white on him anywhere! Hosed him down and dried him off - with my blow dryer and this time without hubby's help!

Neko the Mudcicle (9mos)

( I guess some people never learn...? )

We had just seen a major ice storm (major for south Texas!) with freezing rain, sleet and drizzle. Also power outages, downed trees and closed roads. Neko loved it! He had been out in the yard all morning enjoying the cold. I opted to leave him in the yard while I took a very quick shower in a rather cold bathroom. When I came out Neko was nowhere to be seen.... oh, NO!

When I opened the door, I saw his head pop up by the back fence. Yep, he was definitely enjoying his day of cold.... his muzzle was a beautiful chocolate brown. And when he stood up, I saw he was brown to his elbows with nice gooey frozen mud. Oh Yum! The sprayer on the hose was frozen shut, so I had to rinse him off with the next best thing.... a clean puddle! After talking him into several "butt runs" through the puddles, he was finally clean enough to wipe down with a towel. Then it was off to the bath for a proper rinsing of his feet and face.

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