The Computer 'Muter

I was asleep but heard a rapping,
Was that the sound of keyboard tapping?
What has caused these sounds so near?
Some night intruder that I must fear?
I tip-toe down the hall to see
Who makes the sounds that frighten me.
When what do my tired eyes spy?
A trick of light, most certain lie!
The evil Rita, wicked pup,
Slurping from my favorite cup.
Her hairy bottom in my chair,
Mouse in paw, I do declare!
Mud and dirt between the keys,
Airborn fur that makes me sneeze.
Crumbs and drool about the desk,
She's been quite busy while I rest!
She merely woos and looks at me,
While calmly hits the enter key.
What has been sent? I do not know!
Where did that email message go?
What are you doing on my computer?
Leave it alone... you sneaky 'muter!
Who have you emailed in the night?
What you have done just isn't right!
She gives a look so innocent,
Behind that lurks what mal intent?
She will not tell me what she's done.
Oh, teasing me is wicked fun!
Her message sent, she falls asleep.
That secret she intends to keep!
What do they do in dead of night,
Their humans safely out of sight?
In your computer do they hack,
To email members of the pack?
Whatever plans they have in store,
We'd better watch to find out more!
Oh, never trust these malamute dogs,
Their heads are full of spinning cogs.
And if you should hear a nightly rapping,
I'll bet your malamute isn't napping!
- M.Serage -
Copyright 1998

Color version of background picture (Neko)
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