(Award yourself 10 points for each yes answer!)

You feel naked if your clothes aren't covered in dog hair.

You own more than one dog and can tell which dog threw up just by looking at the pile. (I love this one!)

People say "What a lovely Angora sweater!" and you say "What Sweater?"

The groceries consists of dog food, dog treats, dog toys, and bones.

You plan your schedule around your dog.

You don't care which part of her body Doggie may have licked before kissing you on the lips!

You feed them Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner on the good china.

You take your dog everywhere with you and leave the car on so Fido can get some A/C and so he can listen to the radio.

You have full conversations with your dogs and you think it's normal.

You have more dog toys than clothes.

You take more pictures of your dog then you do of your children.

You call home during your honeymoon and ask if the children have fed the dog and where is he sleeping and don't ask if the children are okay.

Your dog eats the most expensive dog food available, but you subsist on macaroni and cheese and ramen noodles.

You refer to your parents as "Grandma" and "Grandpa", but you have no children.

You force everyone who phones your house to listen to your little darling woof into the receiver.

Each one of your dogs gets spoken to in their own individual "special voice".

You call your own answering machine just so that the dogs can hear your voice.

How'd you do? Perfect score?
Congratulations and welcome to the Dog-Lovers Hall of Fame.
Be proud, you're in great company!

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